About the Collections

At Rebecca Caroline Photography, there are 2 main collections within the Print Shop - the Travel & Landscape Collection and the Square By Design Collection. Each contains multiple photo galleries organized by location and is explained in further detail below.

There is also a Latest Additions gallery where you can easily view my most recent artwork uploads. Or, you can head over to Inspiration for your Walls to get ideas on how to style your own space!

Travel & Landscape Collection 

Whether you feel reminiscent of a location you once visited, inspired to venture somewhere you've never been, or simply an appreciation of the beauty this world has to offer, this collection has something for you.

These pieces create a lovely focal point by showcasing your home’s aesthetic and sharing a little piece of who you are, what you value, and serves as a meaningful way to connect with your visitors. 

Square By Design Collection

This collection includes galleries organized by location that focus on the close-up scenes and details surrounding us that celebrate the colors, character, and culture of many amazing places.

These versatile and affordable pieces allow you to curate a collection that tells your story.

You can grow your collection by adding pieces over time and the square design makes arranging and rearranging multiple pieces easy each time you move.

Don’t forget to view print options to see which is right for you: standard paper prints, fine art prints, metal wall art or maple wood wall art.

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